Bloodythumb Bass Jigs

Bloodythumb Bass Jigs

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Bloodythumb bass jigs have had a few names over the last 25 years, "Dump truck jigs, Pier Assassin" but still the same jig, so we decided to bring it along with the new line,

  Bloodythumb bass Jigs a product of Green head bass lures

1/2 OZ flat eye and 1/2 straight eye, in 4/0 and 5/0 and colors that you can count own, This jig was design for skipping docks and swimming

This flat head jigs was designed 25 years ago for dock fishing on lake Norman, its use by many Elite pros and FLW pros but of course,

Hank Cherry and Shane Lineberger, have fished them for 20 years, on many lake over the country. The jigs have always held up to the task