Glide Shad

Glide Shad

SKU: bloodythumb-hard-head-swimbaits-glide-shad-baby-bass

Bloodythumb lures Glide Shad, Glide Bream, Fast Swimmer The New baits are Custom weighted with rattles and are design to enhance strikes. Colors design with enhancements unseen for the human eye, Each bait is signed by Brian Huskins with Brains Crankbaits to prove it ethnicity and is not just anther copy, Of a design that has been tested 4 years, with pros all over the world. The first bait were made for wood and were named the glide shads, Brian hand made them in his shop one at a time. This design has just been duplicated with a material the is much more durable. Hold on when you crank one, Don't let the Rod get jerked out of you hand and yes, you going to need the Band-Aids.

Bait sizes 

Glide Bream Is 5.25 Inches

Glide shad is 7 inches

Fast Swimmer is 6.75