Mega Yank - (Big Yank)

Mega Yank - (Big Yank)

SKU: mega-yank-blue-haze

 Mega Yank bass bait is a large jerk bait designed fishing over wood submerge brush, rock and grass. Its slender design with weight movement makes casting a breeze,  you can through it a mile. Comes loaded with 3 -#4 hooks that allows it to float up slowly, but can handle #3 or #2 hooks to adjust the weight to suspend the bait based on water temp. Stop and go pause action with pauses  set the action  they cant refuse.

This big fish jerk bait was first made of wood in the balsa shop but after many attempts and struggles of hitting the action correct. I had to move to a denser material. I had to move to ABS Plastic and that problem was solved. 

Size 5-3/8 inch nose to tail  

18 Grahams=.62  just shy of 5/8 Oz

For Custom Color Please send Email following your order, outlining your color. Order is min 4 baits one style and color,   Please allow 7Days  for Painting