Milo (Ditch Digger)

Milo (Ditch Digger)

SKU: ditch-digger-sexy-shad-blue-1-25

This product is professional, high-end, traditional, and hand made. It's perfect for fisherman when they are on the lake,  looking to catch big stinger of Bass

Its was remade in 2004 after the Allen lures mold was acquired. The new design the baits are fused together (melted) so leaking is not a issue. Molded head weights for 1.25-1.50 OZ and 4 inches long.

Top coat is a Polyester /Urethane  dip that help protect the bait form nose damage when coming into contact with the bottom.

This is A very versatile bait catching bass from 5 to 35 foot. It a staging bait that can be fished in the spring or in the heat of the summer months. 

Tie one on and hold on the big ones love it 

For Custom Color Please send Email following your order, outlining your color. Order is min 4 baits one style and color that is figured all ready in pricing with discount , Please allow 7Days  for Painting