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SKU: speedy-cherry-bomb-2020-classic-color-rattler
Classic 2020

Watch Hank Catch a 7lb4 oz. bass 1st Day of Bassmaster classic 2020 con the Cherry Bomb 

Hank with Speedy and 5 lb bass on first day of classic

Speedy is remake of the original speed bee (Brians Bees) that was first made for balsa wood in 1992  (See Picture Above from 98)  From the  high pitch rattle in chamber to the silent version with fast action and reinforced bill now made for ABS to ensure durability. Colors from the past that will fill the live wells. The silent version is designed for the high pressure tournament fishing and the high pitch rattler is a must when you want a fast bait with a different sound fishing waters that are high pressure.

Speedy In Silent Cherry Bomb was the Crank bait Hank Cherry use the first day of the Bassmaster Classic That Landed the 7.4 Lber to finish out the 29 Lb Bag