Balsa wood crankbaits from the past, most sought-after balsa wood baits on the market today. True Hand Made not mass-produced or duplicated, a true hand made is built in 2 halves laminated around  wire tree

  Establish in 1993, Inspired by John And "Joe ladd",  brian started building using his God-gifted talent

Brians Crankbaits hit the market and soon went online in 1996 with the first website.  Later getting the nickname of Brians Bees 

winning many Bass and  FLW Tour Including 2 Forest Wood Cups with  1st 2nd & 3 rd place finishes all on prop bee #2 and #3

Brian is the Inventor of the flat-sided prop bait  2001, others have only copied what's marked as history

Brians Bees has over 150 designs 

Only a balsa or other wood can be a true flat side crankbait that's why they were flat

Flat Side, Square Bill, top waters, and deep divers

Once you throw wood,  you will never go back

balsa has a high floatation ability, that plastic can match