Founded in 1998 Brianscrankbaits is one of the most sought-after handmaids in the world, to try and help the demand

Brian designed an ABS Plastic Line of bass lures build after the balsa wood designs, just made to slap bang and place cast places you wouldn't think of throwing a balsa bait. Yes under dock, pontoon boats, slapping the rocks day and night, and as all of Brians Baits they all have there on special sound. Brian also remade a few of the old baits that were in the past just needed little design touch.   

So, you Have the Bloodythumb lures I promise you will need the net, all lures and colors are tested in the professional fisherman as many as 3 years before they are sold, website will gradually start offering baits online as they are ready to release. 

Bloodythumb Lures  By Brians Crankbaits