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Our Story

Founded in 2018 Brianscrankbaits is the top specialty
wholesaler of handmade Balsa wood lures designed and built in the united states.
With the quality, we only offer bass fishing lures with tournament winning histories.
Branded by Brian Himself, Brianscrankbaits LLC.  

In 2018 Brian went back to the drawing board,
with a need for a bass lure with the balsa wood action and the durabilityboth made together
so the bass fisherman could get aggressive with the lure and no worries about
damaging or destroying the lures. Don’t misunderstand the balsa wood baits are
very durable but in certain condition you need to get rough and aggressive to
get that bit, or just want to trough a bass lure of ABS and for the price
minded fisherman that want action and quality to compete in today fishing
pressure The Bloodythumb Line is your best choice